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Feb. 2, 2023 (Thu.)


【Organizer】JTB Communication Design / Rapid News Publications
【Time】11:15-13:15 Pre-Registration required Free

Cooperation: Japan 3D Printing industrial Technology Association

The TCT Conference delivers deep technical know-how and inspirational application studies across the spectrum of Additive Manufacturing and 3D technologies.
Speakers from Japan, Europe and USA will deliver a truly global perspective ensuring your time out of the workplace will be of maximum value.

Day 1:【10:20-14:30, 1st Feb.】
Day 2:【11:15-13:15, 2nd Feb.】
Day 3:【10:30-15:00, 3rd Feb.】
The Role of Additive Manufacturing in Industry 4.0 and Sustainability
11:15-11:45 Pre-Registration required Free Full
Venue: TCT Conference Stage[East hall 3]
Dr. Melissa  Orme

The Boeing Company

Vice President, Boeing Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Melissa Orme

Simultaneous interpretation


Melissa Orme, PhD, Vice President, The Boeing Company, oversees Additive Manufacturing activity across all Boeing business units: Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Boeing Defense, Space and Security; and Boeing Global Services; including metal and polymer flight hardware, as well as research and factory aids to enable product development and increase factory efficiency.

Orme is also responsible for guiding the development of the digital thread across the Additive Manufacturing value chain, and the implementation of data driven models from extracted and archived data from the digital thread, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive efficiency, quality, and scale within the Additive Manufacturing end-to-end value stream.

Orme has a diverse professional background and began her career in academia, where she rose to the rank of Full Professor at the University of California, Irvine. In that capacity she developed her internationally renowned research program on net-form manufacturing, where her research resulted in numerous peer reviewed journal articles and 15 U.S. patents. Later, she transitioned to small business, where she served as Chief Technology Officer of Morf3D, a qualified supplier of Additively Manufactured flight hardware to Boeing and other Aerospace and Defense companies.

Orme holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Science, and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California.


The rise of global temperatures due to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) is the focus of concern globally and developing methods to reduce anthropogenic GHG emissions is of primary importance. Additive Manufacturing, or AM, has recently been highlighted as a technology that has potential to reduce GHG emissions in our manufacturing operations. Part for part, AM requires less material than many traditional processes, which reduces overall GHG emitting activities including mining raw material; conversion of raw ore into printable materials; and transportation of materials. This talk will share results of a Life Cycle Assessment illustrating AM’s impact on sustainability. Furthermore, Industry 4.0 focuses on the interconnections between cyber-physical systems on connected devices in the factory, and when connecting the AM value chain in the smart factory of Industry 4.0, increases in efficiency, performance, and stability are gained which leads to less energy consumption.

Development of high-strength Aluminum alloy by laser-based powder bed fusion
11:45-12:15 Pre-Registration required Free Full
Venue: TCT Conference Stage[East hall 3]
Mr. Watanabe Hiroyuki

Honda R&D Co.,Ltd

Mr. Watanabe Hiroyuki

AM is welding itself
12:15-12:45 Pre-Registration required Free Full
Venue: TCT Conference Stage[East hall 3]

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)



Recently, AM has finally begun to attract attention in Japan. However, once the equipment is introduced, there is no way it can be used, and to really use AM is the same as sending out a new product, which requires various confirmation. Only by overcoming that can you get a product that surpasses others. In particular, DfAM and quality assurance are essential for AM, and this is the first time we have applied AM.
In this lecture, I hope that solutions to these two issues will be shown and that AM's positioning, including the latest information on FORM NEXT held recently, will help to indicate the direction Japan should take in the future.

Next-generation metal printed orthodontic device applying digital technology
12:45-13:15 Pre-Registration required Free
Venue: TCT Conference Stage[East hall 3]
Dr. Shuji Yamaguchi

Deutsche Dental & Orthodontic office/Japanese Association of 3D Printing in Orthodontics

Dr. Shuji Yamaguchi