Seeds & Needs Seminar A[East hall 1]

Feb. 1, 2023 (Wed.)

Nanocarbon Special Lecture

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Urban Disaster Prevention Science and Technology in the Multi-Hazard Era -Activities of Tokyo University of Science
Venue: Seeds & Needs Seminar A[East hall 1]

Tokyo University of Science

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science




Professor Takahiro Yamamoto received his Doctor of Science in Physics from Tokyo University of Science (TUS), in 2003. He is presently a full professor of department of physics, TUS. He specializes the theoretical and computational condensed matter physics. He is currently a project leader for urban disaster prevention research at TUS.


In Japan, especially in urban areas where population and facilities are concentrated, disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires occur both independently and in combination, and we are entering an multi-hazards era unique to urban areas. The development of urban environments and risk management to cope with such diverse hazards are indispensable, and the Tokyo University of Science is engaged in university-wide research and education on these issues, transcending the boundaries of faculties and departments. In this talk, I will introduce the development and social implementation of a building damage diagnosis system for protection against earthquakes as an example. I talk how we started with basic science research at our university, started a startup company, and worked with local residents to implement the system in society, and finally introduce the current situation and the future.

Current Status and Future Outlook of the Carbon Nanotube Market
Venue: Seeds & Needs Seminar A[East hall 1]

Yano Research Institute, Ltd.

Industrial Technology Unit

Senior Researcher



The CNT market is maintaining a high growth rate. As automakers accelerate electrification in response to the global trend toward stricter environmental regulations, the multi-walled CNT market is being driven by applications as conductive additives for LiBs. In the single-walled CNT market, adoption is progressing for paint and coating applications, and demand is rising in medical / healthcare sectors. In the future, it is expected to become a key material for realizing a decarbonized society, such as fuel cells and artificial photosynthesis. In this seminar, we will report on the global trends in the CNT market by demand field and application.