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Feb. 3, 2023 (Fri.)

【nano tech Special Symposium】Revolution in Production Technology for commercilaization - High-Speed Implementation through Integration of MI and PI

【Organizer】nano tech executive committee
【Time】15:30-17:00 Pre-Registration required

Changing the Japanese Materials Industry: The Challenge of Building an Ecosystem to Create Startups in the Materials Field through Data-driven Development
15:30-16:00 Pre-Registration required
Venue: Main Theater[East hall 1]
Ph.D. Shosuke Kiba

Universal Materials Incubator Co., LTD

Representative Director

Ph.D. Shosuke Kiba


After joining Toyota Tsusho Corp., seconded temporarily to Toyota Motor Corp., and later worked in the startup of new business in the functional materials field, as well as investments in material related venture companies, and support for global rollout. In 2012, he joined The Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (currently INCJ, Ltd.), where he started up a material/chemicals team, and contributed to the planning of UMI, where he was formally named as a partner in April 2016. He completed degrees in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, and the Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering.

Data-driven development of protein materials
16:00-16:30 Pre-Registration required
Venue: Main Theater[East hall 1]
Mr. Kazuki Sakata

Spiber Inc.

Executive Vice President / Material Division Manager

Mr. Kazuki Sakata


Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University in 2008 and obtained a PhD in Chemistry at the same university's Graduate School of Science in 2013.
After working in research and development at a general chemical company, he joined Spiber Inc. in 2017.
In 2018, he was chosen as Head of Spiber's Material Division before being promoted in 2022 to Executive Vice President.
At Spiber, Kazuki is responsible for the development of various material products using Brewed Protein™ structural protein polymer. He specializes in synthetic organic chemistry.


The government's target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 has prompted technological innovation and social implementation for greenhouse gas reduction in many industries. In the materials industry, materials derived from biological resources are receiving increased attention, and our company is developing technology to make Brewed Protein™ polymers -a protein produced by microbial fermentation- widely available for industrial use.

Proteins are polymers composed of 20 different amino acids, and an enormous range of molecular designs are possible. In addition, the materialization of proteins involves multi-step processes such as gene synthesis, fermentation and culture, purification, and forming and processing, and the technological development of each process enables their use in a variety of materials. In this presentation, we will introduce our efforts to develop protein materials in a cross-disciplinary manner, making full use of recent information science approaches.

Challenge to materials innovation : MI×PI×DX @KYOCERA
16:30-17:00 Pre-Registration required
Venue: Main Theater[East hall 1]
Mr. Shoichi Nakagawa

KYOCERA Corporation

Exective Officer, Senior General Manager, Corporate R&D Group & General Manager, Devices R&D Group

Mr. Shoichi Nakagawa

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