Main Theater[East hall 2]

Jan. 26, 2022 (Wed.)

【Special Symposium】
Next-generation Semiconductors driven by Nanotechnology

【Organizer】nano tech executive committee
【Time】11:40-12:40 Pre-Registration required

Spintronics for low-carbon information society
From ultralow-power integrated circuits to quasi-quantum computers
11:40-12:10 Pre-Registration required
Venue: Main Theater[East hall 2]

Prof. Shunsuke Fukami

Tohoku University

Research Institute of Electrical Communication


Prof. Shunsuke Fukami


Shunsuke Fukami, Ph. D. is a Professor of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication in Tohoku University. His areas of expertise include spintronics physics/materials/devices and their application to integrated circuits and computing technologies. He received his Master degree in Nagoya University in 2005, and joined NEC Corporation. He received his Doctor degree from Nagoya University in 2012. In 2011, he moved to Tohoku University. He received a number of awards for his researches, including the JSAP Young Scientist Presentation Award, the Young Scientists' Prize of Science and Technology by the MEXT, the Young Researchers Award of the Asian Union of Magnetics Societies, the Outstanding Research Award of the Magnetics Society of Japan, and the JSAP Outstanding Paper Award.


Spintronics utilizes electric and magnetic properties of electrons simultaneously, exploring various technologies that are useful to realize low-carbon society. This presentation shows recent studies of nanoscale spintronics devices and discuss their potential to contribute to the carbon neutral. Nonvolatile spintronics devices that drastically reduce the required power for information processing at the edge and cloud and probabilistic spintronics devices that constitute quasi-quantum computers executing computationally hard problems at room temperature are presented.

Challenge for optoelectronic computing with integrated nanophotonics
12:10-12:40 Pre-Registration required
Venue: Main Theater[East hall 2]

Prof. Masaya Notomi

NTT Basic Research Laboratories / Tokyo Institute of Technology

Nanophotonics Center / Department of Physics

Center head / Professor

Prof. Masaya Notomi