Exhibition: nano tech 2022
Zone: Materials:Nano material zone

Exhibit Highlights

A leader of outdoor clothing with stretchable nano heating module applied

Development of outdoor clothing with stretchable nano heating module applied

Pioneering a new wearable heating element market with future-oriented technology that overcomes the limit of elasticity of heating elements

Product 1

Product 1

Outdoor clothing with stretchable nano heating module applied

Applied electronic ink particle size control technology

Taken electronic printing technology

Securing product reliability technology

Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
Carbon nanotube, Graphene, Nano cellulose, Fullerene, Nano particle, Nano fiber, Composite material, Battery material, Semiconductor material, Antimicrobial material, Ceramics, Biocompatible material, Thermic-functional material

Application Field
Functional hybrid material, Lightweight/ high-strength material, Thermic-functional material (heat resistance/storage/conduction/insulation etc.), Electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.), Photonic material (EL/ LED/ Liquid crystal/ Optical disk etc.), Magnetic-functional material, Biocompatible material, Catalyst, Coating material, Paint/ink, Precision plating, Biodegradable plastic, Film/sheet

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