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Exhibition: nano tech 2022
Exhibit Booth: Taiwan Pavilion

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surface modified CNT , Graphene Oxide

CNT and Graphene Oxide

The applications of Carbon Materials in various dimensions

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CNT, Graphene Oxide

can provide free samples for high concentration MWCNT's and Large Graphene Oxide particles.

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Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
Carbon nanotube, Graphene, Composite material, Battery material, Thermic-functional material

Application Field
Functional hybrid material, Lightweight/ high-strength material, Thermic-functional material (heat resistance/storage/conduction/insulation etc.), Electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.), Magnetic-functional material, Biocompatible material, Catalyst, Coating material, Paint/ink, Film/sheet
IT & Electoronics
5G/6G related techniques, Robotic, Wearable device
Solid-state battery, Lithium ion battery, Fuel cell / Air battery, Lightening material, Coating, Thermal management
Environment & Energy
Fuel cell, Secondary battery, Energy storage, Environment evaluation, monitoring, Biomass, Water / soil clean-up technology, Nano membranes
Antibacterial / antiviral material, Health care chip, Biosensor, Medical/diagnostic device, Wearable device, Medical robot, Cosmetic material
Agriculture, Textile, Aerospace, Biomimetics

5G, Next Generation Battery


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Luxor Thermal

No.103, CHUNG-LUEN, AN TINGDISTRICT, Tainan City Taiwan 745002

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