UC Bacon

Exhibition: nano tech 2022
Exhibit Booth: Taiwan Pavilion

Exhibit Highlights

Graphene Membrane in light-blocking, EM absorption, and conduction application

UC BACON, a graphene material manufacture in Taiwan, brings three new graphene functional membrane in Tokyo Nano 2022. First, we have a graphene functional PU membrane with light blocking and heat insulation properties named by UniTran™ LB-200S for outdoor application in Textile. Second, we have a graphene functional PVDF membrane with over 15dbs reflection loss from 2GHz-40GHz at a thickness of 0.04mm named by UniTran™ EM-AB5040. Third, we have a freestanding graphene conductive membrane with low surface resistivity of 10-30 ohm/sq. and robust characteristic named by UniTran™ EM-050 for sensor or electro-heating application.

Product 1

Product 1 New Product

Graphene light-weighted heat insulation and light Blocking membrane

UniTran™ LB-200S has good moisture permeability and water resistance, which pass the JIS certification to achieve a moisture permeability 2000 g/m2-24hrs (JIS L1099 B-1) and a water pressure resistance 5000 mmH2O rating (JIS L1092B). UniTran™ LB-200S not only could provide over 99.99% block out rate (JIS L1055) with a thickness below 0.05mm, but also provide an excellent heat insulation with a temperature difference of 7 degree C. UniTran™ LB-200S is able to provide several applications of outdoor tent, car curtain, or indoor roller shades.

Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
[Fabrication Technology / Processing]
Thin film coating

Application Field
Lightweight/ high-strength material, Thermic-functional material (heat resistance/storage/conduction/insulation etc.), Film/sheet
Thermal management
Agriculture, Textile, Sporting goods

Weight Saving


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