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Thin, highly crystalline boron nitride nanotube

BNNT, similarly as Carbon Nanotube (CNT), has high rigidity and high thermal conductivity, as well as unique properties not found in CNT, such as high-temperature oxidation resistance, insulation, piezoelectricity, and radiation shielding. It is possible to improve the properties significantly and add new functions by adding a small amount of BNNT to various kind of materials.

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Boron Nitride Nanotube(R&D product)

BNNT has a very thin average diameter of 5 nm and high crystallinity. The BNNT does not contain any metal components. However, BNNT synthetics contains about 25 % boron particles which can be removed by oxidation heat treatment easily. In addition, we are developing a high purity BNNT that contains almost no byproducts of boron nitride component.


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[Nano Materials]
Other nanostructured materials:Boron Nitride Nanotube


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