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Exhibition: nano tech 2022
Exhibit Booth: Taiwan Pavilion

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Full color micro-LED consisted of GaN microdisks have been grown on LiAlO2 substrate by melecular beam epitaxy. The self-assembled microdisks with diametar about 2 micrometers with high crystal quality can be regarded as a free standing substrate to grow InGaN/GaN quantuem well. By engineering the indium content, the InGaN/GaN quantum wells have been grown on GaN microdisks with desired wavelength to match red-green-blue light which can be used to constitute the pixel for the mciro-LED display This technology has been granted by US Patent (US 8,916,458 B2)(US 9,147,808 B2)(US 9,312,440 B2)(US 8,728,235).

Product 1
Product 2

Product 1 Pdf

GaN micro LED


Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
Semiconductor material

Application Field
IT & Electoronics
Photonic device, Advanced semiconductor, Wearable device

Product 2

2 inches LiAlO2 ingot

Product/technology Category
Others:Crstal ingot, Substrate

Application Field
Electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.)


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