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Exhibition: nano tech 2022
Exhibit Booth: Embassy of Canada in Japan

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NanoCanada is a growing network of Canadian companies, academics, and other organizations focused on commercializing innovations in advanced materials, quantum, and nanotechnologies for Canadian and international markets. Joining NanoCanada provides unique opportunities to promote your Canadian advanced materials or nanotechnology business, products, or pre-commercial innovations. NanoCanada-led and organized trade missions, conferences, workshops, and targeted introductions connect members to each other, and to extensive industry contacts and key stakeholders globally.

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Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
Carbon nanotube, Graphene, Nano cellulose, Fullerene, Nano particle, Nano fiber, Composite material, Battery material, Semiconductor material, Antimicrobial material, Ceramics, Biocompatible material, Thermic-functional material, Other nanostructured materials
[Nano Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Technology & Tool]
Electron microscope (SEM/TEM), SPM/AFM, Measurement of particle size and distribution, Raman spectroscopy, Evaluation measurement and designing tool, Materials informatics, Simulation software / Supercomputer, Process informatics, X-ray / Synchrotron radiation measurement, Cryo microscope, High efficiency, high sensitive sensor, Others
[Fabrication Technology / Processing]
Dispersing / Grinding / Mixing / Classification, Thin film coating, Ultra precision surface processing technology, Etching, Laser processing, Electron beam, ion beam EUV exposure, Plasma processing, Nano imprint, Fusion/bonding technology, Inkjet printing, Photolithography, Precision pattern printing technology, Others


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TEL : 780-994-2412
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