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Booth: 2T-13-08
Exhibition: nano tech 2022
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We will build a prosperous society with future materials

We will introduce the exhibition of the supramolecular Lithium-ion endohedral fullerene that we succeeded in commercializing for the first time in the world, and explain some of the physical properties of the papers published by many researchers. In addition, we will propose supercapacitors and solar cells that apply these characteristics and exhibit mockups of prototypes.

Product 1

Product 1 Presentation Sample

Lithium-ion endohedral fullerene

It is a supramolecular structure in which lithium ions are confined in a cage-shaped fullerene. It does not chemically bond with substances outside the cage and exerts the influence of the electrostatic potential of the ions on the periphery.
Due to the physical characteristics , it is expected to be applied to long-life solar cells, supercapacitors, trace gas sensors, MRI contrast agents, etc.

Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
Fullerene, Nano particle, Battery material

Application Field
Electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.)
Solid-state battery, Lithium ion battery
Environment & Energy
Solar battery
Medical/diagnostic device

Decarbonization / Eco-friendly, Weight Saving, Next Generation Battery, SDGs


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