Exhibition: nano tech 2022
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MRID (Micro Raman Identification Dual Lasers)
MRID is a microscopic Raman system inbuilt with two lasers automatically switchable by software. This design is granted a Taiwan invention patent I709732 and the corresponding USA utility patent is also under examination. It solves the trouble of optimizing the optical path each time a different laser wavelength is used, and in turn provides a highly reliable optical system that users without optical backgrounds could also handle with ease.

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Micro Raman

Dual-Wavelength Acquisition:
One click to automatically measure the spectra excited by different wavelengths is another PTT proprietary feature. This feature could also acquire both Raman and Photoluminescence signals respectively and automatically from the same excitation source.
Polarization Module :
Different alignment of optical axis with respect to the incident laser polarization can lead to different spectra
for anisotropic samples, such as strained films or crystals. The polarization feature facilitates the
observation of such properties by controlling both directions via software.

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Product/technology Category
[Nano Materials]
Carbon nanotube, Graphene, Nano cellulose, Fullerene, Nano particle, Nano fiber, Composite material, Battery material, Semiconductor material, Antimicrobial material, Ceramics, Biocompatible material, Thermic-functional material, Other nanostructured materials
[Nano Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Technology & Tool]
Raman spectroscopy
[Fabrication Technology / Processing]
Laser processing, Photolithography

Application Field
Functional hybrid material, Lightweight/ high-strength material, Thermic-functional material (heat resistance/storage/conduction/insulation etc.), Electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.), Photonic material (EL/ LED/ Liquid crystal/ Optical disk etc.), Magnetic-functional material, Biocompatible material, Catalyst, Coating material, Paint/ink, Precision plating, Biodegradable plastic, Film/sheet
IT & Electoronics
Nanomachine, Advanced semiconductor, Organic electroluminescence
Environment & Energy
Fuel cell, Solar battery, Secondary battery, Photo catalyst
Antibacterial / antiviral material, Regenerative medicine material, DNA manipulation, DNA chip, DDS(Drug Delivery System), Bio reactor, Health care chip, Biosensor, Molecular imaging, Medicinal product, Medical/diagnostic device, Wearable device, Medical robot, Care/welfare/assist suit, Cosmetic material, Cosmetic processing technology, Functional food, Food analysis
Textile, Biomimetics


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