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We support development of innovative materials for a sustainable future

Matlantis is a highly versatile atomistic simulator based on Preferred Network's (PFN's) deep learning technology and enormous computing resources. At our exhibition stand, PFCC members will introduce the outline of Matlantis with some examples of its application to digital transformation in materials development.

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Matlantis : a general-purpose atomic simulator

Matlantis supports large-scale materials discovery. A deep learning model has been incorporated into a conventional physical simulator to increase the simulation speed by tens of thousands of times and to support a wide variety of materials. The deep learning model for Matlantis has been trained with a vast amount of atomic structure data generated by physical simulation on PFN’s supercomputers.

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Product/technology Category
[Nano Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Technology & Tool]
Materials informatics
Others:Computational Chemistry

Application Field
Functional hybrid material, Lightweight/ high-strength material, Thermic-functional material (heat resistance/storage/conduction/insulation etc.), Electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.), Photonic material (EL/ LED/ Liquid crystal/ Optical disk etc.), Magnetic-functional material, Biocompatible material, Catalyst, Coating material, Paint/ink, Precision plating, Biodegradable plastic, Film/sheet, Others
IT & Electoronics
5G/6G related techniques, Quantum computer, Photonic device, Next-generation display, Virtual reality/ augmented reality technology, IoT/ M2M application & middleware, Artificial intelligence(AI)/ deep learning, Micromachine, Nanomachine, Advanced semiconductor, Organic electroluminescence, Robotic, Wearable device, Others
Solid-state battery, Lithium ion battery, Fuel cell / Air battery, Lightening material, Coating, Vehicle sensor, Display, Emission control system, Thermal management, Others
Environment & Energy
Fuel cell, Solar battery, Secondary battery, Energy harvesting, Energy storage, Photo catalyst, Environment evaluation, monitoring, Environment sensor, Environment restoration material, Technology to reduce environmental pollutant, Biomass, Water / soil clean-up technology, Nano membranes, Nano structure catalyst, Others
Antibacterial / antiviral material, Regenerative medicine material, DNA manipulation, DNA chip, DDS(Drug Delivery System), Bio reactor, Health care chip, Biosensor, Molecular imaging, Medicinal product, Medical/diagnostic device, Wearable device, Medical robot, Care/welfare/assist suit, Cosmetic material, Cosmetic processing technology, Functional food, Food analysis, Others

Digital Transformation, Decarbonization / Eco-friendly, Next Generation Battery

Seminar Information

Seminar 1
Matlantis: a DX tool for Materials Discovery
Jan. 28, 2022 (Fri.) 12:50-13:35
Venue: Main Theater[East hall 2]

Mr. Hiroki Iriguchi

Preferred Computational Chemistry, Inc.

Mr. Hiroki Iriguchi


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