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We are looking for customers and partners in Japan for nanocellulose products

We are producing Nanofibrillated Cellulose, a sustainable, biomaterial produced from Canadian forest feedstocks. PBI is focused on business development initiatives in key target markets, such as concrete & mortars, industrial fluids, nonwovens, and polymers, where significant benefits have been demonstrated. The company will have commercial quantities of NFC for sale in late 2021.

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Nanocellulose in plastic composites

In polymeric materials nanocellulose can offer opportunities to reduce weight while maintaining strength. We aslo ovffer displacment of plastics with cellulose based biomaterials

PBI Polymer Composites Summary.pdf

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Nanocellulose in concrete and mortars

When added to concrete, nanocellulose improves the curing as the concrete dries. This increases the strength of the concrete, and more importantly virtually eliminates cracking that can take place as the concrete dries.

PBI Concrete Summary.pdf

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Nanocellulose in nonwovens

In nonwoven glass fiber mats, such as those used in the construction industry, nanocellulose can significantly improve both tear and tensile strength.
In nonwovens used in filtration media nanocellulose can improve filtration efficiency and increase media strength.

PBI Nonwoven Summary.pdf

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Nanocellulose in paints and coatings

Nanocellulose improves the rheology of paints and coatings. This allows for a thicker coating to be applied while minimizing sag. Once dry the dimensional stability and strength of the coatings are improved.

PBI Industrial Fluids Summary.pdf





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