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小間番号 : 1W-A06-03
出展展示会 : nano tech 2021


Leading in Innovative Technology

Sukgyung AT has been developing and manufacturing ultra fine inorganic substances in powder form and in dispersion in water or other solvents, according to customers’ applications. We are selling our products to the high profile companies including 3M, Kerr, Ivoclar Hearaus, DENTSPLY, GCC, Lexmark, Toshiba Lighting etc.

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製品・サービス 1 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

1. Spherical Silicon Dioxide (REACH Registration)

* Mono-dispersed powder by Sol-Gel process

* Highlights
01. Spherical Silica Powder
02. Fine particle size
03. Extremely high purity
04. Variety of surface treatments available
05. Charge(+/-) customization available

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_1. Spherical Silica.pdf

製品・サービス 2 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

2. Hollow Silica Series(REACH Registration)

Use hollow silica to provide next-generation 5G equipment and components. Low signal loss and low dielectric loss.

* Highlights
01. Real spherical shape
02. Inert and safe material
03. Extremely low density
04. Low specific surface area (BET)
05. Low dielectric constant
06. Low dielectric loss
07. Good comparable property with Pl and LCP
08. High strength
09. Low moisture absorption

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_7. HOLLOW SILICA.pdf

製品・サービス 3 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

3. Tin Oxide (SnO2) Series

SukgyungAT’s ultrafine Tin Oxide will be a solution to replace Titanium Dioxide, especially for toner industry.

* Highlights
01. Best solution for replacing titanium dioxide for toner applications
02. Environmentally friendly powder
03. Fine particle size
04. Variety of surface treatments available
05. Charge(+/-) customization available

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_2. SnO2 Series.pdf

製品・サービス 4 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

4. Transparent High Refractive Index Materials(REACH Registration)

* Sukgyung AT’s Zirconium Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide (high refractive index) efficiently enhance anti-reflection performance.

* Highlights
01. Transparent Sol
02. High refractive index (ZrO2, TiO2, ZnO)
03. Anti-reflection
04. Refractive index control
05. Available dispersion in a variety of solvents and resin

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_2. Transparent High Refractive Index Materials.pdf

製品・サービス 5 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

5. Dental Fillers (REACH Registration)

* Sukgyung AT produces a variety of dental fillers such as YbF3, Ba glass, Sr glass, and various composite.
Sukgyung AT's products incredible improve in radiopacity while maintaining transparency and high purity.

* Highlights
01. High radiopacity
02. Low optical opacity
03. Fine particle size and mono- dispersed particle
04. Increases mechanical strength and durability

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_3. Dental Filler Series.pdf

製品・サービス 6 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

6. Solar Heat Inorganic Materials for a Variety of Fabrics

After coating Sukgyung AT's special inorganic materials on various fabrics, the coated materials on fabrics convert to heating energy when they absorb infrared ray. Besides, the materials keep the original color of fabrics.

* Highlights
01. Available convert to heat energy anywhere of light sources
02. 3-10C warmer than regular fabrics
03. Semipermanently keeping heating performance

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_4. Solar Heat Materials.pdf

製品・サービス 7 サンプル デモ 動画 資料PDF

7. Cosmetic Raw Materials - Spherical TiO2, ZnO (REACH Registration)

* Zinc Oxide:
Sukgyung AT provides Zinc Oxide ultra fine particles at an extremely high purity level. A variety of surface treatments are available to enhance the performance.

* Titanium Dioxide:
Sukgyung AT's spherical titanium dioxide is ultra fine particles completely coated with SiO2 and available to enhance the performance of customers' formulations.

Sukgyung AT_ Leaflet_5. Cosmetic Raw Materials.pdf

製品・サービス 8 サンプル デモ 動画

8. Inorganic Fluorides [MxFy (M: Metal) Compounds]

Sukgyung AT are supplying several metal fluorides with a wide range of specifications for each application and can respond to customer specific need as soon as we can.







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