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Intlvac delivers world class high vacuum systems, processes, and thin film coatings through constant innovation. With focus on material science, Intlvac's team of specialists possess deep knowledge of many deposition techniques and offer a unique approach to system design. We are dynamic because of our R&D foundations bringing greater depth to our system development.

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Nanoquest Ion Beam Etch (IBE)

The Nanoquest IBE directly regulates key plasma etch parameters such as ion energy, current density, and incidence angle. The Nanoquest IBE tools are configured to match the application whether it is the high aspect ratio and selectivity goal of a masked wafer or the high uniformity planarization of topographical diver substrate.

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Intlvac Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)

Intlvac's DLC system employs plasma activated, low temperature chemical vapor deposition technology. The unique design and processes of the DLC allow for numerous consecutive coating progressions before any maintenance is required to maximize your throughput. The system produces hard transparent DLC coatings on Si, Ge and chalcogenide infrared optics.

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Intlvac Indium Long Throw Evaporator

The Nanochrome Indium Deposition System is designed to thermally evaporate high volumes of solder contact metal materials such as indium. Our geometry ensures a very flat and uniform deposition front for superior "lift-off" capability. Whiskers and splatters are no longer a problem resulting in increased device yields and the ability to make smaller contacts on your wafers.

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Optical Thin Film Coatings

The versatile and dependable Nanochrome suite of systems offer exceptional process repeatability, stable deposition rates with highly predictable thin film optical characteristics. Intlvac's systems are excellent at producing a variety of oxides such as: Tantalum, Niobium, Titanium, Germanium and Silicon.

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Intlvac Thin Film

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