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Exhibition: nano tech 2021
Zone: Application:Nano Innovation zone

Exhibit Highlights

Welcome to the Ricoh Nano tech Online Exhibition.
Ricoh imagines what the future could bring.
We help companies and individuals transform the way they work and harness their collective knowledge.

(Latest nine products / research and development technologies in total)

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Product 3
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Product 5
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Product 7
Product 8
Product 9
Product 10

Product 1

Introduction to the exhibits

We are pleased to introduce our latest technologies and products below.
2. Antibacterial/Antiviral Structural film printing
4. Gas/Odor Sensing
5. Inkjet Printed Battery
6. Reference DNA Material for genetic testing
8. Solid-state dye sensitized photovoltaic device
9. Organic thin-film photovoltaic device / Perovskite photovoltaic device
10. Ceramic Organic Hybrid Device

Product 2 Sample

Antibacterial/Antiviral Structural film printing

We are developing a technique that prints micro-structured film with anti-bacteria/virus effect onto medium. Amount of coating is adjustable based on medium. The printed film physically damages certain type of bacteria/virus without medical agent regardless of usage environment. Materials for film/media can be found from a variety of choices. We aim to cover a wide range of application.

Product 3

Liquid marble for microbial production

We have successfully encapsulated microorganism alive in liquid marble by combining ant cow’s knowledge & our core technology. This liquid marble is a shelled droplet, which can supply & extract various substances through its tiny gaps in the shell. With this technology, we aim to provide innovative solutions for management of microorganism mass culture & valuables extraction.

Product 4 Sample PDF

Gas/Odor Sensing

Gas/Odor sensing technology enables anomaly detections, visualization of air quality, and healthcare applications based on volatile organic compounds from human. This technology is useful for on-site detections of gas mixture with various chemical properties and concentration less than ppm. We look forward to discussing potential opportunities of collaboration with you.

click here for more information and web meeting (TEAMS).pdf

Product 5 Sample

Inkjet Printed Battery

We are developing printing manufacturing technology for rechargeable batteries by combining the inkjet technology and material technology. This technology enables the formation of free-form electrodes and thin film printing.In the future, by making it possible to print the entire battery, it will contribute to the miniaturization of the battery and the reduction of the manufacturing process.

Product 6 New Product

Reference DNA Materials

These are used to validate the detection limits and sensitivity of PCR tests. It has been difficult to provide a reference material with a defined number of DNA molecules in the low concentration range of less than 100 molecules. We have made it possible by using a bioprinting technique. The accuracy of the PCR test can be ascertained and the risk of false negative and false positive is reduced.

Product 7

Human-neuron assay system for pharmacological and toxicological analyses

We have developed ready-to-use MEA(Multielectrode array)plate containing human iPS-derived neurons. The combination of Quick-Tissue differentiation technology of Elixirgen Scientific and bioprinting technology of RICOH leads to the world’s first live neuron transportation. Our product can significantly reduce the laborious and time-consuming work involved in drug development process.

Product 8

Solid-state dye sensitized photovoltaic device

Ricoh has developed the "RICOH EH DSSC Series" by applying the organic photoconductor technology.
No electrolyte is used, No liquid leakage or corrosion.
High power generation even in low-light environments such as factories and warehouses.
We aims to contribute to the IoT society by realizing battery replacement-less and charging-less as an independent power source for sensors.

Product 9

Organic thin-film photovoltaic device / Perovskite photovoltaic device

We are working on the development of Organic thin-film photovoltaic devices and Perovskite-type photovoltaic devices. Former can be used indoors and semi-outdoors, and that are lightweight, thin, and bendable. And latter can generate power even in space.
We aim to realize a world without charging by using photovoltaic devices that can be used in various places from indoors to outdoors and in space.

Product 10

Ceramic Organic Hybrid Device

We introduce our ceramic coating technology for organic devices. With this technology, both the physical properties of organic materials and the physical properties of strong ceramics can be achieved.
By applying Ricoh's OPC material technologies, we have realized a ceramic coating that maintains device function. We would like to contribute to improving the reliability of all organic devices.

Product/technology Category
Functional film/Sheat, Resin, Photonic material (EL/ LED/ Liquid crystal/ Optical disk etc.), Nano coating, Biocompatible material, Electric material (superconductors/ dielectrics/ semiconductors etc.), Nanoparticle
Inkjet printing, Thin film manufacturing, Nano coating, Adhesion & joining
IT & Electronics
Virtual reality/ augmented reality technology, Micromachine, CPS solution, Advanced sensor, Wearable device
Regenerative medicine, Drug Delivery System, Health care chip, Micro TAS, Drug design, DNA chip, Biosensor
Next-generation secondary battery
Environment & Energy
Secondary battery, Solar battery, Energy harvesting, Environment sensor, Technology to reduce environmental pollutant, Environment evaluation, monitoring
Life Science
Wearable device, Cosmetic processing technology, Food analysis, Medicinal product, Cosmetic material, Biosensor

Application Field
Organic Material / Chemical, Precision Equipment / Industrial Machinery / Robotics, Aerospace, Medical Device, Electronics / Home Appliance, Fabric / Ceramic / Paper and Pulp, Printing /Converting business, Converting business on commission, Medical Care & Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics / Toiletry, Clothing/Grocery, Surface Treatment, Trading / Distributor / Retailing, Information, Communication, Networking Service, University/Research Organization, Japanese Public Agency

Digital Transformation, Sensing, Decarbonization / Eco-friendly, Antibacterial / Antiviral, Weight Saving, Next Generation Battery


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3-6 Nakamagome 1-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Japan 143-8555

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