NEC's Research Activities for Nanotechnology

Dr. Yuichi Nakamura


Vice President

Dr. Yuichi Nakamura


Dr. Yuichi Nakamura joined NEC Corporation in 1988, had engaged in research and development of design automation of LSI which has a lot of combinatorial optimization problems for 25 years. He is a Vice President of Central Research Laboratories and responsible for research and development of NEC’s computing technology including quantum annealing.


NEC has produced the world's first research results including the discovery of carbon nanotubes, which are representative nanocarbon materials, and the demonstration of behavior of a qubit in a solid-state element with using a superconducting circuit. Our technologies based on nanotechnology are accumulated over 20 years. To promote our nanotechnology and quantum technology, we established in 2019 NEC-AIST Quantum Technology Cooperative Research Laboratory in AIST, which has advantages in the nanostructure fabrication and evaluation. This laboratory aims to create innovative technologies and products. In this talk, we will mainly present the development of our quantum annealing machine using superconducting parametron devices and our simulated annealing machine with utilizing vector processors. We will also introduce technologies of advanced materials including the nanocarbon and Urushi Black tone bioplastic, and those of material search by materials informatics.