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Exhibition: nano tech 2020
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Exhibit Highlights

Nanotechnology for quantum technology

Recently, the quantum technology gets attention. NEC has developed technology for quantum computers after the demonstration of a qubit with using a superconducting circuit in 1999. To promote this research field, NEC-AIST Quantum Technology Cooperative Research Laboratory was set up in March 2019. We will show the latest results such as cases of using nanotechnology for the quantum technology.

Product 1 Sample

Quantum computing for solving combinatorial optimization problems

We introduce quantum annealing technology that instantly solves combinatorial optimization problems inherent in many solutions such as financial portfolio and delivery route. In the early 2020s, we will achieve the world's best quantum annealing.
* Some objects are based on results obtained from a project commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Product/technology Category
Measuring, Analyzing & Simulation
materials informatics
IT & Electronics
artificial intelligence(AI)/ deep learning, Development cases used AI

Application Field
Medical Care & Pharmaceutical, Finance / Investment / Consulting

Product 2 Sample

Data-Driven Future Materials Exploring Platform

In material development, many experiments are needed for selecting the material composition that matches the application.This takes a large portion of the development, so improving efficiency in the experiments makes large cost savings.NEC halved the experimental time by an experimental platform for auto measurement of materials and letting AI find more effective material composition.

Product/technology Category
Measuring, Analyzing & Simulation
materials informatics
Environment & Energy
energy harvesting, environment sensor, thermoelectric conversion

Application Field
Organic Material / Chemical, Analytical and Measurement Instrument, Electron / Magnetic / Metal / Inorganic Material

Product 3 Sample

Cellulose-based Highly functional Biomaterials "NeCycle®"

A new biomaterial NeCycle derived from non-edible biomass such as cellulose from wood has been developed, which performs "Urushi-black" elegance of traditional Japanese lacquerware. The cellulose-based highly functional Biomaterial NeCycle will strengthen brand of customers and appeal of their products by giving their excellent appearance unique to Japan and environmental friendliness.

Product/technology Category
Environment & Energy
bioplastic / biodegradable plastic

Application Field
Automobile / Logistics / Transporting, Food & Beverage, Clothing/Grocery

Product 4 Sample

Development of nano-carbon materials for IoT device applications

Carbon nanotubes (CNT): NEC developed ideal semiconducting CNTs for thin film transistor applications.
Carbon nanohorns (CNHs): NEC established world’s first large scale production (1kg+/day) method of CNHs.
Carbon nanobrush (CNB): NEC established large scale production method of CNBs with high conductivity, high dispersibility, and high specific surface area.

Product/technology Category
carbon nanotube, nanoparticle, nanoink

Application Field
Semiconductor / Electrical Equipment & Component, Automobile / Logistics / Transporting, University/Research Organization, Electronics / Home Appliance, Medical Device, Electric Utility / Gas / Oil / Other energy


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