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Booth: AT-02-11
Exhibition: nano tech 2020
Zone: Nano Carbon Open Solution Fair
CoExhibitor(s): Stat Peel Asia

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Electronics & Chemicals for human

We are on electronic and electrical equipment, electronic devices, and electronic components. Discovering the most advanced items from all over the world and delivers them to customers. System Products Company handles semiconductor manufacturing equipment, peripheral equipment, and various metrology equipment. Our specialized technical engineers provide total support for customer manufacturing.

Product 1 New Product

Nano particulate material-selective monitoring system

Stat Peel makes nano material-selective monitor system that can identify and quantify CNTs, graphene, nanofibers, etc. from an airborne mixture of nano-sized particles by utilizing Raman spectroscopy.

Product/technology Category
Measuring, Analyzing & Simulation
raman-spectroscopy, others:Material selective nano material monitoring system

Application Field
Analytical and Measurement Instrument

Next generation battery, Sensing

Press Release

Nano particulate materia-selective monitoring system



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