Booth: AT-02-5
Exhibition: nano tech 2020
Zone: Nano Carbon Open Solution Fair

Product 1

Carbon nanotube Cellulose nanofiber Composite

Product/technology Category
carbon nanotube, Graphene, nanocomposites, functional film/Sheat, thermic-functional material (heat resistance/ storage/ conduction/ insulation etc.), magnetic-functional material
next-generation secondary battery, lightening material, vehicle sensor
Environment & Energy
fuel cell, secondary battery, solar battery, energy harvesting, photo catalyst, environment sensor, nano structure catalyst, thermoelectric conversion

Application Field
Organic Material / Chemical, Fabric / Ceramic / Paper and Pulp, Semiconductor / Electrical Equipment & Component, Precision Equipment / Industrial Machinery / Robotics, Analytical and Measurement Instrument, Automobile / Logistics / Transporting, Aerospace, Electron / Magnetic / Metal / Inorganic Material, Electronics / Home Appliance, Medical Device, Information, Communication, Networking Service, Electric Utility / Gas / Oil / Other energy


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31-4, Hakozakicho, Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan 103-0015

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