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Booth: 1W-E01-07
Exhibition: nano tech 2020
Zone: Venture Pavilion

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Light, high-speed, real-time AI that can be mounted on edge devices.

AISing is a specialist in "Edge AI" and has developed an AI algorithm "DBT (Deep Binary Tree)" that can be mounted on edge devices. DBT has features such as ultra-lightweight, high speed, real-time learning, and explainability.
We have developed new proprietary algorithms, such as high-speed type and high-precision type of DBT, and provide them as the "AiiR (AI in Real-time)" series.

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AiiR(AI in Real-time)

We are developing our own AI "AiiR (AI in Real-time)" series.
Its representative algorithm "DBT (Deep Binary Tree)" is light-weight that can be processed on the edge side, high-speed capable of real-time learning and prediction, sequential learning that follows environmental changes, explainable. It can be used in fields such as the control of self-driving cars and manufacturing machines.

Product/technology Category
Measuring, Analyzing & Simulation
IT & Electronics
Development cases used AI

Application Field
Organic Material / Chemical, Fabric / Ceramic / Paper and Pulp, Semiconductor / Electrical Equipment & Component, Precision Equipment / Industrial Machinery / Robotics, Analytical and Measurement Instrument, Automobile / Logistics / Transporting, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Surface Treatment, Construction / Real estate, Electron / Magnetic / Metal / Inorganic Material, Printing /Converting business, Converting business on commission, Electronics / Home Appliance, Medical Device, Iron and Steel / Non-ferrorus Metal, Information, Communication, Networking Service, Electric Utility / Gas / Oil / Other energy


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