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Exhibition: nano tech 2020
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Ultra-low-voltage hybrid facing sputtering

We are developing a hybrid facing sputtering system capable of both ultra-low damage and ultra-low voltage sputtering, which is a key technology in the field of manufacturing multi-layered thin-film devices, such as organic EL, film-based electronic displays.

Product 1 Presentation

Hybrid facing-target sputtering equipment capable of both ultra-low damage and ultra-low voltage deposition

The hybrid facing-target sputtering is used for forming ITO transparent conductive film. 1) Sputtering voltage during film formation is -100 V, significantly lower than 200 V, which is impossible with the conventional sputtering method, 2) Resistivity at room temperature of as-depo film fabricated without substrate heating using only Ar gas is 5.2 x 10-4 Wcm, have been achieved at the same time.

Product/technology Category
photonic material (EL/ LED/ Liquid crystal/ Optical disk etc.)
thin film manufacturing
IT & Electronics
organic electroluminescence
next-generation secondary battery
Environment & Energy
secondary battery, solar battery

Application Field
Semiconductor / Electrical Equipment & Component, Surface Treatment, University/Research Organization, Electron / Magnetic / Metal / Inorganic Material, Electronics / Home Appliance

Next generation battery, Sensing


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