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Booth: AT-02-D
Exhibition: nano tech 2020
Zone: Nano Carbon Open Solution Fair

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Started providing long, straight CNT samples

KOATSU GAS KOGYO group started from dissolving acetylene gases, chemical products and cutting-edge IT fields that support the industry, and has evolved and evolved over time.
And we have realized the cost reduction of multi-walled CNT by mass production technology through new research and development.
The product lineup includes CNT flakes, arrays, spinnable arrays, yarns, sheets and dispersions.

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multi-walled CNT

Our products are long, straight and high density multi-walled CNT.
It is characterized by the ability to pull out CNT into fibers because of its spinnability. The pulled CNT can be made into a thread or sheet.
In addition, by using mass production technology, cost reduction is achieved and samples can be provided as CNT flakes, arrays, spinning arrays, yarns, sheets, and dispersions.

Product/technology Category
carbon nanotube

Application Field
Organic Material / Chemical, Cosmetics / Toiletry, Fabric / Ceramic / Paper and Pulp, Semiconductor / Electrical Equipment & Component, Precision Equipment / Industrial Machinery / Robotics, Automobile / Logistics / Transporting, Aerospace, Surface Treatment, Trading / Distributor / Retailing, University/Research Organization, Electron / Magnetic / Metal / Inorganic Material, Medical Care & Pharmaceutical, Printing /Converting business, Converting business on commission, Electronics / Home Appliance, Medical Device, Iron and Steel / Non-ferrorus Metal

Next generation battery, 5G, Weight saving, Sensing


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