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Innovation By Power of Clay !

Our business is mining and processing to sell Bentonite, a clay mineral. We offer lots of our products, including Kunipia (domestic natural raw materials, COSMOS approved) and Synthetic Smectite. We would like to introduce the effect of our clay for the skin on the latest data and formulation.

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Product 1 Sample Demo

Refined Bentonite ''Kunipia series''

Kunipia series are refined more than 98% montmorillonite from bentonite in Japan. Raw materials of natural origin and obtained COSMOS approved. Used for wide range of applications such as thickeners, adsorbents and so on.

Application : Mud pack, Facial clenser, Cream, Bath milk, Toothpaste, etc.


Product 2 Sample Demo

Bentonite ''Moistonite-S''

Moistnite-S is naturally delivered bentonite from Japan. High whiteness and suitable for soap and mud packs.


Product 3 Sample Demo

Synthetic Smectite ''Sumecton series''

Synthetic smectite are artificially synthesized from inorganic raw materials. Main features are high transparency and thixotropy. They can be used as a mist type, so used for wide range of application such as lotions and hair care products.

Application : Pack, Facial clenser, Lotion, Cream, etc.


Product 4 Sample Demo

Organic Bentonite, Organic Smectite

To improve sufficient oil affinity by exchanging with quaternary ammonium ion. Suitable for foundations and makeup cosmetics based on oil.

Application : Foundation, UV cream, etc.


Product 5 Sample Demo

Surfactants-free emulsified product

We are going to exhibit surfactants-free emulsified product as using the technology of "pickering emulsification" that is attracting attention now.
Clay stabilized the emulsion structure of water and oil, which is an alternative to surfactant.

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