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Meeting Customer Needs with Natural Ingredients From Across the Globe

Provital Spanish botanical, Down Under Enterprises Australian essential oils. J. Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG cellulose, Berg+Schumit German Oleochemical, Arkema Coretex, Belgian-headquartered Oleon NV, Innospec Inc, Novaphen, Apple Water, Oxgen Supply Water etc.

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Product 1 Sample New Product



-Won Silver Prize in Innovation Zone Best Ingredient - Actives Category in In-cosmetics awards 2023.
-1st Senolytic Activity awarded as one of TOP 10 POSTERS in IFSCC 2020.
-Sustainably obtained from lab-grown Plant Derived Stem Cells.
-AI proved the product reduces the mean apparent age by over 3 years

Product 2 Sample New Product


The essential oils from 2 different species of eucalyptus trees, by steam distillation. The sustainable harvest and production method was evaluated by Ecovadis, Down Under was ranked in Platinum Grade.
The upcycled oils, Kochii Oil having 93% of 1.8-cineol, and which is much higher, provides rich and excellent aroma. Yandee Oil has scent totally fresh and like green apple.

Product 3 Sample New Product

Smart Lipids Bakuchiol

Bakchiol, called Retinol alternative. improves wrinkles and spots, but also provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory efficacy being plant derived. Gives less irritation to the skin and could be used during day.
This product Smart Lipids Bakuchiol is encapsulated Bakuchiol which improves penetration of the active. Second Skin Effect which provides long lasting release and reduces TEWL.

Product 4 Sample New Product


Is an alternative biocide potentiator to EDTA
Is readily biodegradable with a good tox profile and is suitable for use in Eco-labelled formulas
Natrlquest E30 is the most selective chelate for copper, particularly in the presence of hardness ions

Product 5 Sample


Apple water PE07 complies with the Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients, and is derived from domestic apple juice.
Available not only with SDGs appeals, the China Cosmetic Ingredient registration is also completed.

Product 6 Sample New Product

Novaguard EHG-NG

It is based on vegetable. It has few smell compared with petroleum base. It is suitable for using with phenoxyethanol.

Product 7 Sample New Product


This acrylates co-polymer is suitable for using in fluid formulation with polyols. And it is suitable for the formulations even if it is contained alcohol.

Product 8 Sample New Product


It can combine sustainability and fun texture.
It can make oil based solid with transparent and natural appearance.

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Seminar 1
Application to cosmetics in Oxygen Delivery Water WOX® which activates cell and improves circulation of blood
May 18, 2023 (Thu.) 13:15-13:45
Venue: F201

MediScience Espoir


Dr. Matusmoto Takaaki


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