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The science of sustainable beauty

Biodegradable rheology modifier |Eco-friendly Solution to Dark Circles & Eyebags | a root extract that mimics sunlike effects | new preservation technologies for clean beauty. Stop by to learn more about these exciting additions to the personal care market.

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Product 1 Sample New Product

Plant Milking Technology

Plant Milking technology (PMT) is a sustainable plant culture in soilless (aeroponics) conditions that allows smart stimulation to produce rare active molecules that are beneficial for the skin. This accesses the plant’s most hard-to-reach yet rich part - the roots, unlocking deep-seated potential.

Product 2 Sample New Product

Aristoflex Eco T

Aristoflex® Eco T is a patented rheology modifier made from Tara Gum and 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid (AMPS), a combination that allows for strong performance, alongside a good environmental profile

Product 3 Sample New Product

Nipaguard™ OS Increase product safety. Gain formulation freedom

Consumers’ increasing awareness regarding wellness and health is pushing ingredient suppliers to meet this demand with high-performing products that meet safety and regulatory requirements.
Nipaguard™ OS is a safe, effective and viable alternative solution that can meet the formulation flexibility and micro-testing requirements for high-quality products.

Product 4 Sample New Product

Beraca -Sociobiodiversity with local communities in the Amazon-

Composed of natural vegetable oils and butters sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and other Brazilian biomes.
A company born from the possibility of working with Amazonian families,
we are guided by the concepts of sustainability,
focused on valuing sociobiodiversity.

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Seminar Information

Seminar 1
Rootness® Awake Eco-friendly Solution to Dark Circles & Eyebags in 7 days developed using patented Plant Milking Technology
May 17, 2023 (Wed.) 14:00-14:30
Venue: F202

Clariant (Japan)K.K.

BU Care Chemicals

Mr. Shun Kudo


Rootness Awake is a natural active ingredient extracted from the roots of the ipomoea batatas thanks to the Plant Milking technology, an eco-friendly process that allows to grow the plant in aeroponic conditions and to stimulate its roots in order to boost the production of molecules of interest. Rootness Awake is rich in DCQEs (dicaffeoylquinate esters) and targets several mechanisms responsible for under-eye circles and eye bags.

Seminar 2
Rootness® Mood+: Light-mimicking Skin Tone Equalizer and Wellness Active developed using patented Plant Milking Technology
May 19, 2023 (Fri.) 12:30-13:00
Venue: G303

Clariant (Japan) K.K.

BU Care Chemicals

Ms. Mayu Hayase


Rootness® Mood can enhance sunlight benefits, improving mood and equalizing skin tone. It reactivates the skin’s natural radiance and improves skin complexion through the triggering of skin photoreceptors, the opsins, and can also help increase the effect of vitamin D in the skin by upregulating vitamin D downstream pathways. Rootness Mood+ comes from the roots of Sanguisorba officinalis, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly known as great burnet, the plant develops at the sight of the sun. Cultivated in aeroponic conditions, thanks to patented and eco-responsible Plant Milking technology, this special new active ingredient is also highly sustainable.


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