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We are a global speciality ingredient supplier to the Beauty and Personal Care industry, dedicated to meeting evolving consumer needs, along with maintaining our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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Product 1 Sample

ECO Range

The 100% bio-based ECO Range is the widest range of 100% renewable surfactants. By using an alternate route to EO with bioethanol from biomass sources, it significantly increases the bio-based content of ethoxylated products and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. ECO Glycerox HE is one of this range. It is often to used for cleansing and shampoo.

Product 2 Sample New Product

Crodarom Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is one of these old grannies' remedies and is gaining popularity in cosmetics. Dedicated to unbalanced skin prone to seborrheic or acne, and greasy hair with dandruff, Crodarom Cider vinegar is a fermented health and well-being ingredient, with a french origin, made from apple cider with astringent, antibacterial and balancing powers.

Product 3 Sample


Matrixyl is one of the rare ingredient names that is known by end-users and which benefits from their recognition. Matrikines anti-wrinkle complex of Matrixyl 3000 helps the chronological ageing as attested by the regulation of senescence markers and reduce the cutaneous photo damage by restructuring the fragile network of the papillary dermis.

Product 4 Sample

Infraveil™ IT-100

IRA penetrates deeper into the skin to the dermal layer and has therefore been implicated in photoaging. Infraveil IT is a physical shield that delivers instant skin protection from IRA. Infraveil IT is based on patented dispersion technology which ensures that, despite the large particle size, it has minimal whitening on skin.

Product 5 Sample New Product

Crolatum™ VL

Product 6 Sample New Product


Cropure Natural Oils are a range of high-purity natural triglycerides that are distinguished by their light colour and nearly odourless attributes. The oils have high stability against rancidity which sets them apart from conventional cosmetic oils. Such high purity is achieved by Croda’s proprietary Super Refined process.

Product 7 Sample

Kereffect™ SD

Kereffect SD is a low molecular weight, hydrolyzed keratin with a difference, offering a world of versatile hair styles. Kereffect SD prolongs the hair straightening efficacy of sodium sulphite up to 30 washes. It provides a milder, flexible alternative to harsh, damaging straightening systems, ideal for consumers looking for style diversity without long-term commitment or significant damage.

Product 8 Sample New Product

KeraMatch™ V

KeraMatch™ V is plant-derived protein blend designed to offer a viable alternative to animal derived keratin. It is suitable for Vegan concept. Amino acid profile improves the overall quality of damaged hair and provides excellent sensory.

Product 9 Sample

Solaveil™ CTP-1

Solaveil CTP-1 combines optimum UV performance with enhanced aesthetics, enabling the formulator to develop effective and elegant sun protection products with ease. The tightly controlled particle size of Solaveil CTP-1 provides true transparency on the skin and delivers an elegant skin feel whilst maintaining excellent UV protection.

Product 10 Sample

Solaveil™ XTP-1

Solaveil XTP-1 titanium dioxide (TiO2) offers unprecedented broad spectrum UV protection. Solaveil XTP-1 create a physical shield to reduce UV and HEV induced free radicals within the skin. Used as a single active ingredient, Solaveil SpeXtra meets European guidelines for UVA protection, with no compromise on SPF efficacy.

Product 11 New Product

Solaveil™ HTP-1

Solaveil HTP1 is a sunscreen grade Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) powder and Its particle size has been carefully balanced to provide minimal whitening on skin, whilst also being large enough to be suitable for natural and COSMOS approved formulations. This mineral sunscreen active is approved worldwide and is inherently mild and safe, making it ideal for products for babies and sensitive skin.

Product 12 Sample New Product

Phytessence™ Hazel Leaf

Phytessence Hazel Leaf is a scalp care ingredient that brings vitality and energy to the scalp. The scalp is nevertheless one of the key to beautiful and healthy hair. This ingredient brings vitality and energy to the scalp by boosting ATP synthesis. It is able to reduce the production of ROS and the release of IL-6.

Product 13 Sample

Crodamol™ DNEO

Product 14 Sample


Synchrolife resynchronises cellular life and uplifts skin beauty and wellbeing.
It rebalances the production of circadian key players and counteracts the harmful effects of digital pollution that generate stressing signs of fatigue and premature ageing and allows feeling more beautiful.

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Seminar Information

Seminar 1
Matrixyl® Range: Iconic Anti-aging Peptide
May. 19, 2021 (Wed.) 13:15-13:45
Venue: Room A (F201+F202)

Croda Japan KK

Mr. Yosuke Imamura

Seminar 2
Hansen Solubility Parameter and Applications in Cosmetics
May. 21, 2021 (Fri.) 13:15-13:45
Venue: Room C (F205+F206)

Croda Japan KK

Mr. Koji Miura


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