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Exhibit Booth: Kotobuki Chemical Co., Ltd.

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As a global supplier, Evonik will exhibit various high-performance raw materials that are indispensable for cosmetics, in addition to sustainable raw materials that are attracting attention from customers all over the world.

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Product 1 Sample

RHEANCE One + the other natural based solubilizers

RHEANCE Glycolipids lead a new era of all-natural ingredients that do not compromise on performance. Derived
from nature to provide natural, pleasant sensations, combining excellent skin compatibility and powerful cleansing with unprecedented environmental compatibility.
Apart from RHEANCE One, we exhibit the other natural based solubilizers as well.

Product 2 Sample

dermofeel sensolv MB+sustainable emollients by enzyme synthesis method

dermofeel sensolv is a high spreading, light emollient for natural formulations with a light & non-sticky skin feel. This emolient is produced by enzyme synthesis method. Compared to common esterification process, enzymatic process can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 85%.
In addition to dermofeel sensolv MB, we will exhibit 100% plant-derived emollients obtained by enzymatic process.

Product 3 New Product

TEGO Remo 95 MB + the other unique texture ingredients

TEGO Remo 95 MB is an easy-to-use, fully natural based thickening agent with emollient properties. Efficient thickening of PEG- and Sulfate-free surfactant formulations. Contains a skin-identical lipid. Improves foam creaminess and skin feel.
In addition, we will exhibit raw materials with unique textures such as natural oil gelling agent and cellulose as a substitute for microplastics.

Product 4 Sample

Ceramides + Sphingolipids

Evonik has more than 25 years of experience as a ceramide expert and has a lineup of human skin identical ceramides.
With Evonik, following ceramides are supplied.
Ceramide I (INCI: Ceramide EOP),
Ceramide III and III B (INCI: Ceramide NP),
Ceramide VI (INCI: Ceramide AP)
In addition to these single ceramides, we will also exhibit ceramide blend products and sphingolipids with specific functions.

Product 5 Sample

High-concentration Retinol/Bakuchiol encapsulation ingredients

Retinol is a popular anti-aging ingredient but has difficulty to be stably formulated due to its instability and irritant potency.
Evonik's unique encapsulation technology makes it possible to stably deliver retinol to the skin minimizing irritation. We also offer a capsulated "Bakuchiol, natural retinol-like active" and other capsules to address skin problems (sensitive/oily/aging skins etc.)

Product 6 Sample

TEGO SP series and the other ingredients that match new lifestyles

Introducing unique formulations that match new lifestyles, such as solving problems such as color transfer of makeup when wearing a mask, along with high-performance ingredients.

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Cosmetic raw-materials

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